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The Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization!

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I have known Pamela Loza personally and professionally for almost 35 years. Her diverse legal background includes criminal prosecution and defense, arbitration, family law, traffic and general civil litigation. While on the bench I often appointed her as Child Representative to represent children in cases of custody and visitation. Her integrity, professionalism and temperament provide Pamela Loza with everything she needs to be a great Cook County Judge.
— Retired Judge Sam Amirante

Lawyers in Support

  • Mitchell F. Asher
  • Corey Bandes
  • M. Scott Gordon
  • Michael Zaslavsky
    Kamerlink, Stark, McCormack, Powers and Zaslavsky
  • John Zelenka
    Zelenka and Associates
  • James Flood
  • Richard Adler
  • James M. Allen
  • Ron A. Cohen
  • David Kerstein
  • Carmen Quinones
  • Kris Tsitsis
  • Mary Schlott-Repenning
  • Allen Gabe
    Allen Gabe and Associates
  • Anthony Calzaretta
  • Steven Rissman
  • Gail M. Hercule
  • Susan Polachek
  • Steve Polachek
  • Susan Kamman
  • Larry Byrne
  • David Barts
  • Edwin H. Shapiro
  • Ruth Ann Schmitt
  • Ralla Klepak
  • Michael Koenigsberger
    Grund & Leavitt
  • Alyssa Mogul
    Grund & Leavitt
  • Joshua Beyer
  • Joanna Challacombe
  • Jerry Levin
  • Elliot Heidelberger
  • James M. Allen
  • Constantine Kaloudis
  • Mitchell Sexner
  • Anna Bush
  • Gloria Block
  • Jerome Kaplan
  • Alan Hoffenberg
  • Renee Rempert
  • Alan Sincox
  • Susan Riley
  • Brian Heise

Officials and Organizations

  • U.S. Senator Barack Obama
  • U.S. Senator Dick Durbin
  • Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
  • State Senator Elaine Nekritz
  • State Senator Dan Kotowski
  • State Representative Lou Lang
  • State Senator Ira Silverstein
  • Hon. Lauren Beth Gash, Chair 10th Congressional Democrats
  • Kathleen Sances, Wheeling Township Democratic Committeewoman
  • Brian McParlin, Elk Grove Township Democratic Committeeman
  • Michael Kreloff, Northfield Township Democratic Committeeman
  • Bill Crowley, New Trier Township Democratic Committeeman
  • Laura Murphy, Maine Township Democratic Committeewoman
  • Julius Kole, Trustee Village of Northbrook
  • Marty Moylan - Alderman DesPlaines
  • Mt. Prospect Journal and DesPlaines Journal
  • Illinois Committee for Honest Government
  • Dziennik Polish Newspaper
  • Dean Langely - Wright College